Japan - Netherlands / © 2003 / SD video / 57’30”

Director, production, camera: Su Tomesen
Editing: Harald van de Sanden
Graphic design: Esther van Gameren
Animation: Daniel Dugour
Music a.o.: Poldergeist, C-mon and Kypski
Thank you: Gemeente Utrecht, Mitsubishi Elevators Europe, Apple, All Nippon Airways, Tapes Amsterdam, ’t Hoogt Utrecht

AWAY is a double portrait of two artists: the Dutch Janneke Küpfer in Japan and the Japanese Kyoko Inatome in the Netherlands.
The movie shows how a change of environment influences their work and lives. The artists - exemplary for people who go and live in foreign countries with strange cultures - shift from trying to maintain their identity to integrating the new influences. The Japanese and Dutch culture differ to such an extend that AWAY shows an extreme image of the process of settling in perfectly strange surroundings.
After having realised this film I was nominated by the Sandberg Institute for the documentary assignment of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and NPS television.

2006 Streaming festival
2004 Local broadcasting station Omroep Utrecht, Utrecht
2004 Art channel Kunstkanaal, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag
2004 Filmtheatre ’t Hoogt Utrecht
2004 In the collection of the FAMU, the Prague Film Academy, Prague
2003 50% beeld, NIM / Montevideo Amsterdam 
2003 Docs for sale, IDFA Amsterdam