MTV Netherlands (2001-2002)
Various reports as Dutch correspondent being a camjo (camera journalist) for MTV New, Top Selection and Total Request. I filmed and interviewed at festivals such as Crossing Border, Drum Rhythm, Lowlands, Robodock and Grote Prijs van Nederland. In 2001 I produced the Amsterdam part of Jackass, the movie and translated for the crew and cast on location.

IKON (2000-2001)
Various reports as a director and researcher for the youth programs Jonge Gasten and Zo’n Dag of the Dutch broadcasting station IKON. I researched and directed a series of portraits called Fotomoment (Kodak moment) about young people from 14 till 18 years and their favourite photos. A few of these short videos out of these series were also screened at:
- Experimenten op film & video, Haags Filmhuis Den Haag
- Openlucht Videofestival Den Haag
- Circus Maximus, Huis aan de Werf Utrecht

MEERtv (1999-2002)
Director, cameraman and editor for the art program Suzanne of the Utrecht television station MEERtv and the videojournal of the IMPAKT festival.

Media West Utrecht (1999-2000)

Director, researcher, cameraman, editor and final editor at Media West, mediacenter in the multicultural neighbourhood Lombok. Next to being final editor I also researched and directed items about Gratis eten (Free food), Suikerfeest (Eid ul-Fitr), Lombok kraakt (Lombok squats).

RTV Utrecht (1997-2002)

Director and researcher for various programs of the local broadcasting association RTV Utrecht: youth program Rauwkost (2002 and 1997), the magazine Stadslicht (2000-2002) and the art program Lava (2000-2002). I researched and directed items about Straattaal, Zwerfjongeren i.c.w. researcher Julie Pagnier, DJ Duke in Ter Apel.