Netherlands / 2006 / a 6-hour performance / clothesline, pins, white laundry / 22 meters but size may vary

One woman put laundry on a clothesline across a street. At the other side another woman took it of. When all laundry had gone from A to B, it went back again. This lasted for 6 hours. On the laundry were the words 'wit', 'was' and 'goed', meaning both 'white laundry' as well as 'white was good'. The words came across the street randomly. The clothesline went through pulley blocks. The distance from one window to the other was 22 meters. WAS took place during the opening of the groupshow De Witte Lijn in the multicultural neighborhood De Baarsjes, Amsterdam.

Performance: Carolina Feix, Henriikka Harkonen, Julie Pagnier, Ana Figueroa, Su Tomesen
Exhibition: De Witte Lijn, groupshow with a.o. Janis Pönisch, Dirk Jan Jager, Nina Rave, Saliou Traoré and Zoete Broodjes, on June 3, 2006
Location: Marco Polostraat, De Baarsjes, Amsterdam
Curated by: Meneer de Wit
Thanks to: Kalf Amsterdam, Ana Figueroa, Menno Briët

Live interview, Amsterdam FM
Amsterdam Weekly: White line blow you away, #22, p. 3