Cuba - Netherlands / 2005-2011 / single channel video installation / DV-pal, 4:3, colour, mute / durations vary between 0'30" and 6'05"

was filmed in Santiago de Cuba in 2005. The video shows the fa├žade and backside of a video rental in the centre of the city. The words Video on the building are seen from a few angles. Cuban people pass the enterprise by foot, on bikes, in cars.

Screenings and exhibitions:
2018 Double juicers at Polar room, Amsterdam, curated by Anami Schrijvers
2016 The One Minutes: Remake, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Art
2011 Selametan Digital, group show, Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta, curated by Grace Samboh
2011 Double Work, The First Sandberg Alumni Exhibition, KunstKapel Amsterdam, curated by Gerben Hermanus and Tilmann Meyer-Faje
2010-2012 Part of collection CASZuidas Amsterdam, curated by Jan Schuijren
2007 Nachtkracht in BG, Post CS building in Amsterdam
2007 Andy Warhol Factory nights at the Supperclub, Amsterdam, curated by Maja Markovic
2007 OUTVIDEO Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation, curated by Arseny Sergeyev
2007 Petersburg Project Space, Amsterdam