Rhizomatic, Amsterdam, Netherlands

June 2014 I was artist-in-residence at Rhizomatic, project space for artistic research in Amsterdam-Noord. Rhizomatic was a project from Christine Bruckmeier en Daniel Zimmer between 2009 and 2015.
Within their program De kleine winkel om de hoek (The shop around the corner) I developed Toko, an intervention with plastic household products from Indonesia, my second home.
In the exhibition space of Rhizomatic I exhibited personal plastic household items that I had collected in various countries in the world, p.e. Serbia, Cuba, Azerbaijan, Gambia. Later these objects found their way into the work Plastic Age.
Toko was the start of the series Plastic Indonesia in collaboration with mo-artgallery from the Amsterdam art collector and gallerist Frans Oomen.

Website Rhizomatic with photos from Daniel Zimmer
Announcement (in Dutch) at Mediamatic
Video documentation of Toko by Janou Treffers
Thank you for your assistance: Teguh Hartanto