Toko (Shop)
Netherlands / 2014-2019 / intervention and performance in public space / bike and plastic household utensils from Indonesia / variable dimensions

In June 2014 I was the artist-in-residence at Rhizomatic, a project space for artistic research in the North of Amsterdam.
Within their summer program De kleine winkel om de hoek (The shop around the corner) I developed an intervention in public space: the performance Toko.
Every Saturday afternoon I cycled through the neighborhoods with my mobile shop installed on a bike. I offered typical Indonesian plastic products like rice spoons, water dippers (gayung), drying racks etc.. I imported all items from Yogyakarta, my second home.
In the performance it was all about my love-hate relationship with plastic.

Toko is part 1 of the series Plastic Indonesia.
Concept and design i.c.w. Teguh Hartanto
Photo documentation: Teguh Hartanto and Daniel Zimmer
Video documentation of the performance: Janou Treffers

Further performances: 
2018 Museum IJsselstein, intervention during group exhibition Vrijplaats
2017 Onomatopee Eindhoven, part of the series of interventions We are the market!
2016 CBK Amsterdam, intervention at solo exhibition Ontroerwoud by Wim Vonk