Rruga (Street)
Netherlands - Albania / 2016 / single channel video installation and screening video / HD, 16:9, colour, stereo  / 30 min.
Part of the four channel video installation Street Vendors: Medellín, Tirana, Johannesburg, Yogyakarta (2018)

Rruga is the second film of the series about micro economy and resourcefulness in urban public space, and is set in the streets of Tirana, the capital of Albania in Southeastern Europe. Like the first film Jalan (2015) the Tirana episode describes a fictional day. Every day street stalls are being rebuilt and taken down, kiosks are opened and closed, vendors stroll the streets finding clients. Unintentional compositions, colors, forms and repetitive qualities remind of installations or performance art.
I researched and filmed Rruga during my artist-in-residence at the Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art (TICA) in May and June 2016. More information on my blog. The residency was supported by Mondriaan Fonds. Stefano Romano, the curator of TICA, assisted me in the research. Back in Amsterdam I edited Rruga myself, supervised by Vava Stojadinovic who edited Jalan. The soundtrack was composed by Erik Spanjers.

Screenings and exhibitions:
2018 Part of Street vendors: Medellín, Tirana, Johannesburg, Yogyakarta
2017 Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania, Tirana
2017 Group exhibition Plateaukunst, Margraten, curated by collector Wanda Reiff
2017 Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Rotterdam
2016 Solo exhibition Rruga, Albanian Embassy Art Gallery, Den Haag
2016 Group exhibition AIRLAB, Miza Gallery, Tirana, curated by Stefano Romano
2016 Centre for Openness and Dialogue, Tirana, curated by Valentina Bonizzi
2016 Reja, National Arts Gallery, Tirana
2016 European Mobility Week, Shkodër