The work of Su Tomesen consists of films and short videos, photographs, installations and interventions, in which she mostly focuses on ingenuity in public space and informal economies in cities outside the over-regulated Western world. Tomesen lives and works in Amsterdam and since 2011 in Yogyakarta as well. Her work is supported by Mondriaan Fonds, thanks to their Stipend for Established Artists and the Corona Regulation Grant. Read more in the Artist statement.

Currently Tomesen is preparing a performance in public space in Indonesia: Parade Pedagang Keliling (working title). Early 2020 she researched the possibilities for the work during a residency at Kedai Kebun Forum in Yogyakarta. Back in Amsterdam she applied for Development Budget at the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, for writing compositions based on the structure of Javanese gamelan and with the various sounds of street vendors ("pedagang") that go around ("keliling"). The grant was awarded in October 2020. Present day she is working with composer Sinta Wullur.