Color Bar
Serbia / 2007 / woven object / recycled plastic bags from Belgrade / 200 x 150 x 5 cm

Recycling thin plastic bags from Belgrade. I've been weaving Color Bar during five days at BELEF festival 2007.  While working with these colorful bags in public space, in the park near the Military museum, I had many conversations with people passing by, helped with translations from the Serbian assistants. We talked about plastic in the broadest sense of the word: from plastic polluting the environment till commercial television in public space. The interaction with the audience was part of the piece at the festival.
I was invited to BELEF thanks to the residency Belgrade Correspondent at the REX in summer 2005. I collected the plastic bags back then, and again in spring 2006 when I was in Belgrade for a video workshop, and took the bags to the Netherlands. Summer 2007 I returned them all to Belgrade. Together with the bags the festival collected during some months, I made Color Bar. The work contains an estimated 800 bags.

Exhibition: BELEF, Belgrade Summer Festival
Location: Park at Kalemegdan fortress, Belgrade, Serbia
Working period: July 25th till 29th
Exhibition period: July 30th till August 12th
Curators: Darka Radosavljevic and Maja Ciric, co-curated by Nebojsa Milikic
Production: Mirjana Stojadinovic and Sasa Nenadovic
Weaving assistants: Nikola Stojkovic, Nemanja Vidakovic, Natalija Klepic, Damir Sehic, Milutin Beslic
Technical assistancants: Mirko Radosavljevic, Slobodan Krstevski, Nikola Vokic, Milos Dobric
Press: BELEF journal at Metropolis television Serbia, and Daily journal at RTS (Radio Televizija Srbija)

Further exhibitions:
2016 Part of solo exhibition Jejak, Erasmus Huis, Jakarta
2007 Archiware, Utrecht
2007 Salon 2007, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2007 Petersburg studios, Amsterdam