China - Netherlands / 2008 / site specific spacial installation / cardboard boxes, sheets, blanket, pillow, two monitors with two video loops, laptop with still from Sleep by Warhol, table, chair, cupboard, shoes, fan, neon / 250 x 300 x 200 cm

"Often a journey leads to new works. There are times I accidentally discover something fortunate, while looking for something else". This particular way of working was for artist and curator Ida van der Lee the reason to include me in a series of residencies called Without a plan in Kunsthuis SYB in Beetsterzwaag in May-June 2008.
Five artists were invited to join: Peter Vink, Erzsi Pennings, Jacqueline Floor, Yarre Stooker, Su Tomesen. We all worked in SYB for one week. At the end of all residencies there was a group exhibition.

The exact day before I arrived in Beetsterzwaag for my residency I returned from a trip to Beijing for a group show of The One Minutes Foundation. Next to the jetlag I also had to adjust to the huge differences between the megacity and the countryside.
In four days I realised the installation Beijing-Beetsterzwaag: I built a room that resembled a hotel room and edited two video works for the room. The footage for the videos was coming from my week in Beijing, from filming in and around Beetsterzwaag and from the film Insomnia with Al Pacino. For the room I recycled the red flag fabric from Chinese wall.
The neon in the installation is Far Away (Su). Some of the video footage became independent short videos: Police and Scraping.