Hounek (There)
Jordan / 2009 / light installation in public space / metal, perspex, green LED / 218 x 74 x 15 cm

The installation was realised during my artist-in-residence at exhibition space Makan House in Amman and was made possible by generous support of Fonds BKVB.

During my residency of three months in Amman a war took place in Gaza. Since about 70% of Amman's inhabitants (at the time) had Palestinian roots, the situation was tense in the city. I saw how close Palestine is to people's daily lives, despite - or thanks to? - restrictions imposed by Israel on entering Palestine.
This writhing near-yet-far became the theme of my solo exhibition titled Hounek (Arabic for there), in the context of Amman, the word 'there' refers to Palestine. With this work - and with my other works in the exhibition at Makan House - I aimed to depict the so called 'Palestinian Cause'. In this way a connection was also established with the local public.

During the exhibition the light sculpture Hounek was on the roof of Makan House: inaccessible, far, untouchable. Green light is common in the public space of Arab countries; green fluorescent tubes often adorn the minarets of mosques. Green is the color of Islam. Inside Makan House, the word Houne (here) was mounted on wheels, standing in the middel of one of the exhibition rooms. More about the works in the solo show of the residence at Makan House, Amman.

After the residence in Jordan I exhibited Hounek and Houne at various places in the Netherlands.

Makan House, Amman, Jordan. Solo show titled Hounek. Made possible by Fonds BKVB. February 22 till March 5
Petersburg Project Space, Amsterdam. Group show There, part 2, a follow-up of Hounek in Makan in Amman, Jordan. There contained works from artists from the so called Middle East - whom I got to know during my residence in Amman - and myself. April 25 until May 16
De Servicegarage, Amsterdam. Group show Quantumvis 5. June 27 till July 19
Polderlicht, Amsterdam. Group show with sound and light art in public space, the 5th edition. Hounek and Houne on the roof of Stadsdeelkantoor Watergraafsmeer. October 23 till 25
Burgemeester Janssen bekent kleur. Group show in the centre of my birthplace Beek, Limburg. Hounek and Houne in front of the R.C. church St. Martinus. July 4, 2011. Thanks: Carla Lemmens, Jo Peters, Shannon and Timo
Double Work, Sandberg Revisited, Amsterdam. Group show of Sandberg alumni in KunstKapel / Virtueel Museum Zuidas. Hounek and Houne are placed opposite of each other. March 20 till April 10
Aplomb, Kunstlijn, Haarlem
Group show in Sociƫteit Vereeniging. Hounek was attached to the facade of the building. November 1 till 3