Palmboom (Palm Tree)
Netherlands / 2011 / installation in public space/ metal frame, drift wood, scaffolding gauze, LED lights, solar cells / 800 x 100 x 100 cm

Exhibition: Transit, CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam
Location: Anton de Komplein, Amsterdam Zuidoost
Opening: September 10, 2011. The opening talk was held by art critic and writer Sacha Bronwasser
Exhibition period: September 10 until half of February 2012
Curated by: Renske de Jong and Annet Zondervan
Realisation: Su Tomesen i.c.w. Teguh Hartanto and Hans Josso
Thanks: Mega Alu Systems, Piet Scheenstra, Stichting Bouwloods / Klus OK, Brandweer Amsterdam-Amstelland, Maarten van Baggum, Carin van Dongen, Marcel van der Drift, Daphne de Sonneville, Fana Richters

Commissioned by CBK Zuidoost I designed a work that was temporarily exhibited on the square in front of CBK. I created a huge palm tree. The inhabitants of Amsterdam Zuidoost come from over 135 countries in the world and the majority knows palm trees from experience, or from photos and stories of parents or grandparents.
The palm tree is also one of my favorite trees: "The palm tree is the epitome of my curiousity and fernweh, the tree stands for different, warm, and especially: far away".

Next to the installation Palmboom on the square, I presented a short video in which a multitude of people from Amsterdam Zuidoost reveal of their personal association with palm trees. The video was exhibited in the exhibition space of CBK. In the Kunstcafé on October 27 I had a conversation with the director of CBK Zuidoost, Annet Zondervan.