Haitian Mobile Pharmacy
Netherlands / 2017 / sculptural object / plastic tubs and medicines / 30 x 30 x 58 cm

During a short residency of five days at De Torenkamer in VondelCS in Amsterdam in September 2017, I assembled a remake of an Haïtian so-called "mobile pharmacy”. I based the remake on a photograph that I have made in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 2009 - when I was working there for the the City One Minutes video project - and some portraits of Haitian people with their merchandize in the National Geographic magazine.
I used plastic household objects from my private collection that I had taken to De Torenkamer, and I was allowed to use expired medicines from the Staring Apotheek pharmacy, provided nobody can take them when exhibiting the work. Interviews about the process during the residency were broadcast on Mon-Wed-Fri at 11 PM at Opium on Radio 4.

Exhibitions and publications:
2023 Part of spacial installation Expired, BIG ART Bajes in Amsterdam
2019 A photograph of Haïtian Mobile Pharmacy in Big Dutch Art Calendar, de Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2019
2017 Staring Apotheek, Amsterdam