Plastic Indonesia
Netherlands / Indonesia, 2014-present, ready mades, various sizes, plastic products from Indonesia

With contemporary art collector Frans Oomen of mo-artgallery I have realized a series of signed and numbered limited editions under the title Plastic Indonesia after I started with the intervention Toko (2014). The collection of ready mades contains industrial plastic household utensils from Indonesia, all "Made in Indonesia": buckets, bins, baskets, rice spoons, strainers, brushes, clothes hangers, water dippers etc. The series is still growing: in March 2020 we reached 100 different objects.

First photo at the left: the ready mades were the base of my installation Plastic Indonesia (a.k.a. Toko) at group show Radical Collecting, curated by Frans Oomen and Cosimo di Leo Ricatto in C&H Art Space in Amsterdam, May-June 2016.