Warung Makan (Eatery)
Mixed media spacial installation / plastic utensils and other household goods from Indonesia / variable dimensions

Warung Makan is an interior of a typical Indonesian eatery. The amount of plastic stuff is - just like in the other works of Plastic Indonesia - striking: there are small lids on the glasses (against dust), serving trays, sitting mats with slippers next to them (the typical lesehan style of Yogyakarta), raincoats, brooms, plates, dish racks for glasses (without the glasses an enigmatic object!), a table container for toilet roll (toilet rolls are cheaper than napkins), stools in all the colors of the rainbow, etc.
The name of the eatery is 'Asli', which means original or authentic. The walls of the installation are "Javanese green" and are lit with energy-saving lamps. There is a banner with the name and logo of Warung Makan 'Asli'.

Warung Makan is a happening which connects groups of people and is only complete with visitors: it is the sum of work plus people. The installation is operational for a certain period of time. Then there are Indonesian snacks. My Javanese husband and fellow artist Teguh Hartanto will be responsible for the preparation of them. Our 7-year-old daughter Lina can also do her share in the work; after all, it is normal for a whole family to be in the warung. Outside, an Indonesian parking attendant will be standing with a red running light to direct traffic.

In the series of installations and interventions under the title Plastic Indonesia, I would like to realise Warung MakanĀ as the third part after Toko (2014-present) andĀ Rumah (2014).