Netherlands / 2020-2021 / mixed media spacial installation and performance inspired by a phenomenon in Indonesia / bamboo, wood, corrugated iron, mats, ketungan, TV, thermos with sweetened tea, glasses, kretek cigarettes, ashtray, a few Indonesians / size may vary / images below from the internet

Every kampung in Indonesia, every neighbourhood, has a pos kamling or pos ronda: a small building for neighbourhood watch. There is a traditional architectural style for it: the construction is an open structure on stilts with a roof and usually a (low) wall.
In the evening and night (male) residents of the kampung keep watch in the pos. This service rotates and is voluntary. During daytime people seek shelter from the sun or take a nap. Often there is a TV to kil the time.


For the 2021 edition of the Amsterdam Imagine Film Festival, a festival for the fantastic film, I proposed to build a traditional pos in public space close to their festival location EYE Filmmuseum.
On a TV in the installation we intended to present the Indonesian horror television series from the eighties called KISMIS.
At the opening of the festival I planned to hold a performance inside the installation Pos: some Indonesians sit there, smoke kretek, drink tea and talk a bit. 

The realisation of Pos was cancelled due to Covid; the festival took place online only.