Parade (working title)
In progress
Performance in public space in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Parade Pedagang Keliling, in short Parade, is a parade of street vendors ("pedagang") that go around ("keliling").

Early 2020 I researched the possibilities for a new work in public space in Yogyakarta during a residency at Kedai Kebun Forum. I collected the various sounds of ambulant street vendors. In Indonesia these sellers use 'tools' or 'instruments' to get attention from potential customers: the sound of a fork on a bowl, spoon on a glass cup, wooden stick on bamboo or slit drum etc. All sounds mean a certain food or drink. There are local differences.

Back in Amsterdam I applied for Development Budget at Amsterdam Fund for the Arts for writing compositions with the sounds of the vendors based on the structure of Javanese gamelan music. The grant was awarded in October 2020. Present day I am working with composer and conductor Sinta Wullur and music teacher Michiel Niemantsverdriet, studying music and realising sound compositions.

When time is there I will return to Yogyakarta with the compositions - and with new funding for the realisation of the performance. There I will rehearse with the 'pedagang' that I filmed in 2020, assisted by producers Iteq Kristiyoarti and Teguh Hartanto.
On the day of the performance we will play the compositions during a parade through some streets in the south of Yogyakarta. After the parade there is free food and drinks presented by the ‘pedagang’. All this will be filmed and lead to a new multi channel video installation.