Projects Koloniale Sporen In Mijn Buurt en Oorlog In Mijn Buurt, Amsterdam, 2022 (photography)

Various short videos for PLR International and Stichting Leenrecht, 2021 (camera) 

Book trailer Dood in opdracht, commissioned by writer Eric Oosthoek, 2020 (editing)

Exhibition Equinox by Tamar Frank at Angle Gallery Amsterdam, 2019 (camera)

Video Effect van groene daken op waterlabel in Den Haag, commissioned by Nelen & Schuurmans, 2018 (camera, editing)

Video of the presentations of Srefidensi: een fotografisch perspectief op de Surinaamse geschiedenissen van verzet en emancipatie by Sara Blokland, 2017 (camera)

Video Dwang, about OCD, commissioned by Bekijk 't and ISH, Amsterdam 2017 (editing)

Video Nederland van Boven, maar dan anders, commissioned by Metro Movies Amsterdam, 2016 (editing)

Video Re-set: Petra Blaisse at Architecture Biennial Venice, commissioned by NAi (Netherlands Architecture institute) Rotterdam, 2012 (camera, interviews, editing)

Ideals, 72 videos for performance, commissioned by Danstheater AYA and Bekijk ‘t Amsterdam, 2011-2012 (editing)

Video Erwin Olaf: Leidens Ontzet, The Making Of, commissioned by De Lakenhal Leiden, 2011 (camera, editing)

Documentation of the construction of the new public library, OBA at the Oosterdokseiland in Amsterdam, 2005-2007 (camera, director)

Documentation Porcelain Bike Jump by Candy Depew, Amsterdam 2005 (camera)

Documentation Flower Piece #1, a performance by Lars Eijssen at the SMCS11 Amsterdam, 2005 (camera, sound and editing i.c.w. Rens Kamphuis)

Interviews with Constant, Jan Dibbets and Adam Colton, Instituut Collectie Nederland Amsterdam / Stichting Behoud Moderne Kunst Tilburg, 2002-2005 (camera and sound)

The footage of Constant has been used in the documentary Constant, Avant le depart by Thomas Doebele and Maarten Schmidt, 2005 (camera and sound)

Documentation Visual Sensations and Sonic Acts Paradiso, Productiehuis Paradiso-Melkweg Amsterdam in 2004-2005 (camera)

Documentation Drifter TV, IMPAKT festival Utrecht 2004, DVD Drifter TV produced by Submarine (camera)

Documentation World Wide Video Festival Amsterdam, 2004 (camera)

JUWEEL, Sandberg Institute Amsterdam, Applied Arts department, 2004, screenings in München, Tokyo and China, DVD JUWEEL (editing)

DVDs POP Utrecht exhibition, Centraal Museum Utrecht, 2004, in the collection of the museum (editing i.c.w. Mark Roos)

Documentation performance Voerman & Vermeulen, Amsterdam 2004 (camera)

Video for performance directed by Désirée van der Heijden in Productiehuis [FRASCATI], 2004 (editing)

Documentation exhibition Negen lekkere wijven in een glazen huis, Amsterdam 2004 (camera)

Documentation The One Minutes in 2003 and 2004 at Paradiso Amsterdam (camera and editing)

Documentation RGB VJ/DJ festival, Melkweg Amsterdam, 2003 (camera i.c.w. Janneke Küpfer)

Documentation theatreshow STUK by Sanne Wallis de Vries in Stadsschouwburg Groningen in 2003, DVD, produced by MEERtv (camera)

Documentation and commercial of theatreshow Poldergasten by DOX, 2002, broadcast at AT5 and MEERtv Utrecht (director, producer, camera)

Manifestation Milieudefensie Amsterdam, assigned by Engage! Tactical Media (live-camera)

Documentation Debates and Credits, Next 5 minutes and Net.congestion, De Balie Amsterdam (camera and final editor of the Debates and Credits DVD)

Commercials for SJU Jazz in Utrecht (camera, editing, director)

Videoclip for the re-opening of popcentre De Vloer Utrecht (camera, editing, director)

Documentation opening NIMk / Montevideo Amsterdam (camera and editing)

BNN Hilversum (camera and interviews)

Studio Drupsteen Huizen (live-camera at various locations i.c.w. Rens Kamphuis)

Interview with Peter Greenaway, Caramba Films Mainz (camera-assistant)

Documentation Turkije festival, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht (camera and editing)

Documentation 3D Super, Muziekcentrum Vredenburg Utrecht (live-camera)

Documentation Circus maximus, Lazy Marie Utrecht (camera, live-camera and editing)

Architectuurroute by Lombox (camera and editing)

Instituut voor toekomstig verlies (camera and editing i.c.w. Melissa de Raaf)

Documentation Dansateliers Rotterdam (camera)

Documentation Planet Rock, Eindhoven (camera)

Dance Valley (camera for streams)