DJ SU plays electronica, elektro, experimental hiphop and reggaeton
- EKKO in Utrecht
- De Vloer in Utrecht en De Veemvloer in Amsterdam i.c.w. Goddass
- Casco Projects Utrecht i.c.w. The Hipster
- New Years Party of Begane Grond / Casco / Impakt / Grafisch Atelier Utrecht i.c.w. Portable Jelle
- De Opkomst festival in Utrecht
- ACU Utrecht i.c.w. Ferry Naais
- Kunstvlaai 5 in Amsterdam i.c.w. Moritz Ebinger
- Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam i.c.w. Moritz Ebinger
- Bitterzoet in Amsterdam during The very tale videojockey show
- Compilation for the Luisterpaal by Peter van Deth at Robodock at ADM Amsterdam 

Items for radio programs
5 Items for Belgrade Correspondent at Radio B92, a project of Kulturni Centar Rex, Belgrado, Serbia and Montenegro i.c.w. Tilmann Meijer-Faye and Nebojsa Milikic 
2004 Items for the temporary radio station Radioartejump from Orange to Blue at Masterclass Almost Real led by the Italian artist Federico Fusi at Centraal Museum Utrecht
1999 Radio Nu, NPS Radio 5 i.c.w. Jelle Beijer