about my work

2023 Various articles about permanent work Hoef van Eden in local Alkmaar newspapers
2022 Su Tomesen verheft straatverkoop tot kunst, en dat wringt by Marije Nieuwland in Volkskrant
2022 Announcement Parade at Gamelanhuis, by Saskia van Loenen in NRC
2022 Announcement Eterna Primavera at Studio Lambalk, by Edo Dijksterhuis in PS Het Parool 
2021 Announcement Street Vendors at Plein Theater, by Edo Dijksterhuis in PS Het Parool 
2020 Kunstenaar Su Tomesen: "Straatverkopers weten van niets iets te maken" by Ingrid Glorie, article in Voertaal
2020 Straatleven in Johannesburg by Miriam Grootscholten, article in Spectrum
2018 Street Vendors - Su Tomesen by Paul Voors, in Kunstblijfteenraadsel, online
2018 Buitengaats maker in beeld: Su Tomesen, by Jojanneke Hendriks, article on DutchCulture, online 
2018 Street Vendors: Medellín, Tirana, Johannesburg, Yogyakarta at BK-informatie, online
2018 Scripted reality of Street economy in Albania by Morena Sheta, article in Follow Business Albania
2017 15 años El puente_lab, Laboratorio de activación cultural, articles in book about the history of el puente_lab, Medellín

2016 At the corner: Valbona, the florist by Stefano Romano
, online
2016 Weblog about my work period in Tirana
2016 Learning economics under a tarp by Sandra Smets
, catalogue Jejak
2016 Jalan Terus: Living Hopefully and Precariously with Social Infrastructure by Cindy Lin, catalogue Jejak

2016 Jalan: Celebrating the strength of urban dwellers in High Definitionby Pitra Hutomo, catalogue Jejak

2014 ExchangeChangeWisselWechsel by Ad Himmelreich, catalogue Exchange
2014 The commerce and customs of cross-border commutersby Jean Boumans
, catalogue Exchange
2012-2013 Weblog about my work period in Medellín

2010 Shebeen Queen from the Netherlands: Su Tomesen by Bart de Graaff, magazine Maandblad Zuid-Afrika
2010 Weblog about my work period in Johannesburg

2009 Column Artist-in-residence in een Arabisch land about my residency in Amman in BK-informatie # 2009-5, p. 16-17

2008 Master of your own thoughts by Nathanja van Dijk, New World, Art at the Zuidas Amsterdam, p. 6
2006 PRESENT, Kunst bij Rijksgebouwen 2004-2006, p. 404-405

publications of work

2022 (March) New collages in book Verzameld Werk, published by Kunst & Cultuur Amsterdam Centrum
2021 Ararat, SCHUNCK Museum programma, seizoen 2021/2022, p. 18
2021 Ever Emerging Mag, 2nd edition, online magazine on women artists
2020 Street vendors, Grote Nederlandse Kunst Kalender 2020
2019 Haitian mobile pharmacy, Grote Nederlandse Kunst Kalender 2019

2018 Winkel, Grote Nederlandse Kunst Kalender 2018

2018 Street vendors at BIG ART Bajes, Trendbeheer, online

2017 Plastic Indonesia, Grote Nederlandse Kunst Kalender 2017

2016 Rumah, Etalagegalerie Inkijk [1999-2017], Stichting Polderlicht
2016 onMAPS#2, Museum of Art in Public Space
2015 Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender 2015
2014 Escalera, Block calender I'm not doing anything until I feel the need
2013 Column about my residency in Medellín n BK-informatie # 2013-6, p. 10-11

2013 PaperWork Magazine #1, London, photos, p. 20, 26, 31, 39

2012 Balkans and the Polder, cover photo and pictorial essay, p. 37-68

2011 Annual report 2010, Fonds BKVB, cover photo

2010 The Balcony: An Idea in a Void, Makan Art Space, Amman, p.25

2008-2009 On the Road with Su, a travelogue, Veemvloer Amsterdam, online