Rex, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

In the period from May to November 2005, fifteen foreign artists visited Belgrade to do an artist-in-residence at Kulturni Centar Rex, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro. I went there with fellow artist Tilmann Meyer-Faje. During our stay we produced short radio reports about their impressions of Belgrade. The reports were broadcast on the local radio stations Radio Studio B, Radio Belgrade 2 and Radio B92. Next to making radio reports we were asked to make photo reports on Belgrade. 

The project enabled the glimpse of the strangers on Belgrade and their impressions of their stay to be presented and ''returned'' to its citizens. In that way, the artists were correspondents from Belgrade also for the Belgraders themselves. I wrote: "Remarkable city, Belgrade: hardly any or no tourists, no immigrants. Female women, masculine men. Relatively quiet - Tilmann and I are staying on a busy street, but the park is peaceful. There is a very long cycle path along the Danube and Sava river. I swam in the artificial lake Ada, and cycled for KILOMETERS, I will return in shape. I have now started with the 1st reports (...)"