BijlmAIR, Heesterveld, Amsterdam Southeast, Netherlands

CBK Zuidoost in Amsterdam selected my proposal Bijlmersymfonie for realisation during a BijlmAIR residency at Heesterveld. I am artist-in-residence in Februari-March 2024 and will prepare a public event and video.

Bijlmersymfonie is a performance in public space, and a video installation. The works will feature a monumental highrise apartment building in Amsterdam Southeast and its residents with diverse cultural backgrounds.

In the event Bijlmersymfonie hiphop, kaseko, hiphop, gamelan, afrobeats, electronic music, salsa, etc - suggested by residents - will sound from various speakers. I will compose where and when which song can be heard. During the performance, I will be downstairs in front of the flat conducting whose turn it is to play their song.

Bijlmersymfonie will be filmed. Since the audience will walk by, comes closer or distances itself during the performance, the perception of the work varies continuously. Camera recordings from different places result in a video installation for the exhibition at CBK Zuidoost, which approximates the same subjective experience.

Finding a symphony in the mix of different music styles is what I aspire to with Bijlmersymfonie, during the performance as well as in the installation.

CBK Zuidoost as well as Cultuurfonds, Amarte Fonds and Rochdale support the project.