texts in catalogues, books and papers

2017 Book about the history of el puente_lab, Medellín

2016 Catalogue Jejak: Learning economics under a tarp by Sandra Smets

2016 Catalogue Jejak: Jalan Terus: Living Hopefully and Precariously with Social Infrastructure by Cindy Lin

2016 Catalogue Jejak: Jalan: Celebrating the strength of urban dwellers in High Definition by Pitra Hutomo

2014 Catalogue Exchange: ExchangeChangeWisselWechsel by Ad Himmelreich
2014 Catalogue Exchange:The commerce and customs of cross-border commuters by Jean Boumans

2008 Master of your own thoughts by Nathanja van Dijk, New World, Art at the Zuidas Amsterdam, p. 6
2006 PRESENT, Kunst bij Rijksgebouwen 2004-2006, p. 404-405

publications of works

2018 Grote Nederlandse Kunst Kalender 2018

2017 Grote Nederlandse Kunst Kalender 2017

2016 Etalagegalerie Inkijk [1999-2017], Stichting Polderlicht
2016 At the corner by Stefano Romano

2016 onMAPS#2, Museum of Art in Public Space

2016 Weblog about my workperiod in Tirana

2014 Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender 2015
2014 Block calender I'm not doing anything until I feel the need
2013 Column about my residency in Medellín in BK-informatie # 2013-6, p. 10-11

2013 PaperWork Magazine #1, London, photos, p. 20, 26, 31, 39

2012-2013 Weblog about my workperiod in Medellín

2012 Balkan in de Polder, cover photo and pictorial essay, p. 37-68

2011 Annual report 2010, Fonds BKVB, cover photo

2010 The Balcony: An Idea in a Void, Makan Art Space, Amman, p.25

2010 Weblog about my workperiod in Johannesburg

2009 Column about my residency in Amman in BK-informatie # 2009-5, p. 16-17

2008-2009 On the Road with Su, a travelogue, Veemvloer Amsterdam, online