My President
South Africa / 2010 / single channel video / DV-pal, 16:9, colour, stereo / 1'00"

The one shot video was filmed in The Shack, a famous shebeen in Soweto, close to the house where Nelson Mandela has lived. The Shack was one of the many shebeens I visited in Soweto during the research for my installation Shebeen in The Bag Factory in Johannesburg, where I was artist-in-residence for three months early 2010. My President is part of City One Minutes Johannesburg.
Thank you Daniel a.k.a. Baganya, for showing your love for President Jacob Zuma.

Screenings and exhibitions:
2013 Colombo Americano, Medellín, Colombia (as part of City One Minutes Johannesburg)
2012 Ciné Privé, Ghent, Belgium
2011 Belgian Open Grand Final, Ghent, Belgium
2010-2011 Enlightened City, Museum STAM, Ghent, Belgium (as part of City One Minutes Johannesburg)
2010 One Minute-One Shot festival at Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, Yerevan, Armenia

Next to a still from My President I show hereunder photos taken at The Shack.