Street Vendors: Medellín, Tirana, Johannesburg, Yogyakarta
Netherlands - Colombia - Albania - South Africa - Indonesia / 2018-2020 / four channel video installation / HD video, 16:9, colour, 5.1 surround soundtrack or 4 x stereo / 4 x 30 min.

Street Vendors: Medellín, Tirana, Johannesburg, Yogyakarta is a video installation featuring four films about the ingenuity of street vendors in four cities on four different continents. The phenomenon of microeconomics is the common thread in the work in which street vendors are observed in their doings and dealings: the small entrepreneurs prove to be resourceful in their claim of sidewalks and, while improvising, they manage to generate their income. The films reveal the beauty of unintentional compositions, colors, forms and repetitive qualities. By this, the four films remind of installation art and performance.

All films have been filmed by Su Tomesen;
Producers on location: Paula A. Rengifo, Luis Palacios Giraldo, Victor Muñoz (Calle), Stefano Romano, Lina Matahariku (Rruga), James Thomas, Neville Dube, Tumi Mokgope, Jurgen Meekel (Street ), Teguh Hartanto (Jalan);
Script advisors of the first film Jalan: Karel Doing, Richtje Reinsma;
Additional filming: James Thomas (Street);
Editing: Fynn Roovers (installation, Calle, Street), Vava Stojadinovic (Jalan), Su Tomesen (Rruga);
Color correction: Fynn Roovers;
Supervisor of the project: Vava Stojadinovic;
Sound mix and composition: Boban Bajic (installation, Calle, Street), Charly van Rest (Jalan), Erik Spanjers (Rruga);
Graphic design: Teguh Hartanto;
Thanks: el puente_lab (Medellín), Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art (Tirana), SYLT Foundation and Bag Factory (Johannesburg);
Special thanks: All street vendors in the films;
Photos of the video installation at Museum IJsselstein: Mike Bink.

Street Vendors has been made possible by generous support of Mondriaan Fonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Tijl Fonds, Nederlands Filmfonds, Stichting Stokroos.

2023 Destil Creative Hub, Tirana (solo), with support from the Dutch embassy in Albania
2022 The Bag Factory, Johannesburg (solo), with support from Mondriaan Fonds
2021 Plein Theater, Amsterdam (solo)
2020 Museum Arnhem (group), curated by Manon Braat
2019-2020 Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (group), curated by Juan Sandoval, with support from Mondriaan Fonds
2019 Kunstlijn 2019, Haarlem (group)
2019 Galeria de Arte Contemporáneo Paul Bardwell, Medellín (solo), curated by Alejandro Vasquez, with support from Mondriaan Fonds
2019 Museum IJsselstein (group), curated by Imke Ruigrok
2018-2019 Ruang MES 56, Yogyakarta (solo), curated by Akiq AW
2018 BIG ART Bajes, Amsterdam (group), curated by Anne van der Zwaag
2018 Netherlands Film Festival 2018, Utrecht (solo), curated by Paulien Dresscher and Parwin Mirrahimy - World Premiere

On the occasion of the World Premiere of Street Vendors at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2018 a leporello was published, with texts by Margriet Schavemaker, Tejo Remy, Zef Hemel and Tijs van den Boomen. Read more: Leporello