Het Pad™ (The Path™)
Netherlands / 2001 / single-channel computer animation / DV-pal, 4:3, colour, stereo / 3'00''
Concept and realisation i.c.w. Janneke Küpfer

Like a TelSell commercial the video tries to sell a product: Het Pad™, an indoor wood. Het Pad™ offers people the experience of a walk in the woods. The work deals with the relation between the modern citydweller and nature. The animation, with a voice over by Aart van Harten, was part of the proposal for an installation by Janneke Küpfer and me, operating under the pseudonym SUKK. Our proposal was given the audience award at Win een expositie in exhibition space Moira Utrecht in 2001. A year later the installation was realised in the former firestation in the centre of Utrecht.

Screenings and exhibitions:
2001 TOF Terschelling
2001 Panorama IMPAKT festival Utrecht
2001 MEERtv Utrecht
2001 ‘Win een expositie’, Moira Utrecht: Audience award

Watch the animation - online soon