Tree Feller (Philip)
South Africa - Netherlands / 2017-2020 / single screen video installation / HD video, 16:9, colour, stereo / 1'05", loop

Street vendors in Johannesburg: Are they getting work or customers today? Perhaps tomorrow? Or the day after tomorrow? The short video Tree Feller (Philip) which I edited early 2020 - before Covid entered the Netherlands - matches bizarrely enough with the freelancer's waiting or looking for jobs during the lockdown(s).
During the filming of Street (2017) - part of the four-channel video installation Street vendors - I came across this situation in a suburb of Johannesburg. I got permission from the man, Philip, to film him.

2020-2021 A still from the video is part of the local artist's contribution to The World After, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam
2020 Unlocked/Reconnected, CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam, selected by director Annet Zondervan
2020 Solo exhibition Joburg Hawkers, South Africa House, Amsterdam