Elevated Subway
United States - Netherlands / 2001 / single channel video / DV-pal, 4:3, colour, stereo / 1'00''

A short video shot in Brooklyn, New York City, an ode to Kazimir Malevich. 
The video was nominated for a One Minute award at The One Minutes in Paradiso Amsterdam in 2002 by jurymember Jellichje Reijnders.

Screenings and  exhibitions:
2013 (contra)huella, solo exhibition in Casa Tres Patios, Medellín, Colombia
2009 Videozomer, Petersburg Project Space, Amsterdam
2006 PUSTO, Moscow open-air festival of video art, Moscow, Russia
2004 mr. Motley Number One Party!, Veemvloer, Amsterdam
2003 The One Minutes at Parasite Paradise in Leidsche Rijn Utrecht
2003 De Een Minuten Nu, Netherlands Media Art Institute / Montevideo Amsterdam
2003 Open screening, Eschloraque Club Berlin, Germany
2002 The One Minute Awards, Paradiso Amsterdam
2002 City scape, CELL Rotterdam