Colombia - Netherlands / 2021 / single channel video installation / HD video, 16:9, colour, stereo / duration unknown yet - editing in progress

The video Marleny (working title) is about the resemblance of Minutos seller Marleny and her accesories in 21st century Medellín with the painting Allegory of Justice by Lucas Cranach from 1537.
Curators Marja van Putten and Astrid Moors of the exhibition 50-50 Vrouwe Justitia adopted this painting as image for their group show. When seeing their Open Call I instantly had to think of the accessories of Minutos sellers I have seen in Colombia. One of them is in my film Calle from 2018: Marleny in Medellín.
My proposal was selected. All female artists were asked to come up with a male counterpart. I invited Jan Rothuizen to relate to my work with a series of drawings. The show will take place at gallery Playroom in Zaandam in October 2021.

For this exhibition I asked artist Alejandro Vasquez Salinas to film Minutos seller Marleny again. The footage is from June 2021.

Some background information about the Minutos phenomenon:

In Colombia, many people make phone calls at street vendors who have about four to six mobile telephones (celulares) with different providers.
It is cheaper and faster to call on one of their mobile phones than to buy new credit, not to mention taking out a subscription. It is also cheaper to make calls within the same provider, e.g. Tigo, Claro, Movistar etc. The customer pays per minute, hence the name minutos.
The sellers store their cell phones in the pockets of blue, orange or fuchsia vests that have Minutos Celular printed on them. They also have small banners that say how many pesos 1 minute of calling costs. The vests are for sale on the street or in shops. The telephones are linked to the dealer by means of chains or ropes to prevent theft.