Egypt - Netherlands / 2005 / single channel video / DV-pal, 4:3, colour, stereo / 6'47''

The amount of surveillance in Egypt has increased since the military intervention of the USA in Iraq in 2003. Tourist-Terrorist is a short video about the presence of military police, traffic police and safeguards in the streets of Cairo and my obsession to film them. During the filming proces I slowly became paranoid. When my plane left for the Netherlands I was happy to leave the country... with the tapes.

2006 Akbank festival, Istanbul
2006 The Summer Collection, Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography, Amsterdam
2006 Kunstvlaai 6, Amsterdam, curator Ineke Bakker
2005 Nekad i Sad, Prodajna galerija Belgrade, Serbia, curator Marko Stamenkovic
2005 Cinema Continu, Het Langhuis Zwolle, curator Anky van der Heijden
2005 Festival Disorientation, Rialto Amsterdam, curator Jamain Brigitha
2005 De Appel invites, Gallery De Appel Amsterdam, curator Saskia Bos
2005 In the collection of Wifredo Lam, Centre of Contemporary Art, Havana, Cuba